Size 3.5 purple and black stiletto heel court shoes from Unze



Size 3.5 purple with black, stiletto heel court shoes from Unze.New in box. One has a small mark on the side above the sole , see last picture please.
Please Note - Unze shoes tend to be a small fit, so a 4 is more like a 3.5. So have them as a size 3.5 in listing

A stunning purple textile court shoe which is like velvet to touch. They have a a purple, black and gold stitched band  all around the top edge and then crossing over the front.
Next a 4in stiletto heel in black patent to finish off this great look.
Ideal for any formal ceremonies, business events, weddings,parties, special occasions, work etc.
Size 3.5
Colour Purple
Height 4in
Product Code Pur941